Healing Family Bonds

The Problem

Families are dynamic systems of relationships that often develop negative patterns in an effort to deal with stressors. These unacknowledged pressures on families include; financial, separation from extended family, generational differences, legacies of trauma or addiction and cultural pressures to achieve social status. With all that to deal with it's no wonder families slip into destructive patterns.  Family therapy offers hope to anyone struggling with relationships.

The Solution

My goal in working with the entire family is to help each person communicate their unique perspective openly and honestly. This can be a gradual process, as everyone has a different comfort level in speaking up. I provide all family members with emotional support to examine their own needs, their role in the family and how they impact others. When we can see each others positions more clearly it's easier to develop an attitude of compassion. This raises everyone's awareness and provides motivation for growth. 

We will also discuss the nature of boundaries in the family. Each persons competing needs for privacy and connection will help us to create a plan that offers hope to every family member. There is no quick fix, but regular sessions provide accountability for the gradual development of family negotiation skills.


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