Re-Building Relationships

It's common in many cultures for men to be socialized to hide their vulnerabilities and present only their power and strength. This social training can make emotional intimacy a major challenge for men. In therapy we can practice a full range of emotional expression by identifying a wider range of feelings and ways of communicating them. This enables you to attract more intimacy in your relationships.   


Managing Our Moods

When we attempt to suppress or deny or own needs we become depressed and irritable. Likewise if we are exclusively focused on getting what we want for ourselves we can easily become frustrated when others don't comply. Unrealistic expectations and demands often lead to disappointment and unnecessary suffering. Examining our attitudes allows us to see more clearly and find balance between our own needs and those of others. By choosing to approach life with an attitude of gratitude, service to others and staying true to our own needs and desires, we can learn to navigate our own moods.


Taming Addictions

The part of yourself that succumbs to addiction cannot and should not be destroyed. It represents a legitimate need for a greater power, something mystical, spirit lifting and connecting. Recovery requires addressing those needs directly, seeking connection rather than isolation, vital, joyful experience versus soul destroying activity and wholeness, rather than denial of any aspect of yourself. Therapy attends to these deeper soul matters hidden beneath the surface of addiction.