You may be concerned about your relationship with someone else, but what about your relationship with yourself? It's the most important relationship you will ever have. It's the only relationship you will have for your entire life. Your relationship with yourself is the foundation of everything else in your life and is the vital focus for recovery from all of your suffering. Getting to know yourself deeply and becoming your own best friend gives you a sense of security, inner strength and confidence in the world.

Getting to know what you need and want is the first step towards developing more satisfying relationships with others. Learning how to communicate in a loving and confident way is a process that we can practice in our sessions empowering you to have a stronger voice in your relationships with family, friends and at work.


Food & Body Image

Imagine if all the time and energy you spent focusing on food and body image was available for something else. What else could you be focusing your energy on? Creatively? Politically? Study or work? Imagine if all the women across the U.S.A. stopped their focus on food and body too. How might this nation be different? Focus on food and body not only distracts us from ourselves, but stops us from discovering our true purpose and our potential to contribute to society.  In recovery we find ourselves beneath our food and body concerns and connect with our core values. This sets us free to live our lives more fully.

I use a variety of tools to help women find balance in their relationship with food and to fall in love with themselves and their bodies again. Part of the process is understanding how the negative messages from others and our culture have impacted you. This allows you to see your true self more clearly. It's also essential that you learn how to defend yourself against the media onslaught around you. 

I recommend group therapy to most of my clients because our connection with others on a similar path strengthens our recovery. It provides immense relief from the isolation of hidden struggles when we hear others sharing theirs. It offers the joy of connection in identification with each other and it motivates us to take action when we are taking the steps together.   


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Although you may not realize it, there are recovering addicts living and working in your community leading normal and successful lives. How do they do it? Whether you've already started your new clean and sober life in a rehab or in 12-step program, or you are struggling to get sober, the first priority is making a decision to be clean and sober now. Sometimes we need help to make that decision or to stick with it when things feel hard. Either way, getting emotional support is crucial to maintaining your new lifestyle. One day at a time or even one hour at a time makes everything feel easier because most of us can handle taking one step and doing the next right thing. This is an example of how to keep things simple; be present in this moment, forget tomorrow and yesterday and breathe. When in doubt or fear, reach out for help and don't be alone. People recover together and relapse when they get isolated or overly stressed. My own recovery experience helps me to guide you in the direction of freedom from addiction and fear, towards the light of laughter and joy. Take one small step for your recovery right now to begin the process.


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